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The Mighty Illustrious Chapter. Now and Forever.

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The Outreach of Omega. Your Helping Hand.

Voter Registration. Assault on Illiteracy. Habitat for Humanity. There are just a few of the programs that the Zeta Zeta Chapter of Omega Psi Phi contributes to each year. As we continue to grow both as a chapter and as men, we constantly challenge ourselves to fulfill the duties of our beloved fraternity and our communities.

The Brothers of the Zeta Zeta have created an innovative and unique fundraising strategy to meet and exceed those goals in the future. Contributions through Zeta Zeta Plus not only helps build the infrastructure of the Chapter, but serves as a platform from which brothers can better serve the community.

There are no obligations. No strings attached. Secure payments are handled through PayPal. You can cancel at anytime.

You have always been there for Zeta Zeta. The brothers can never thank you enough for all that you've done for us. Let's see this through together.

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Friendship Tier
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For friends, relatives, and those who want to lend their support to the Mighty Illustrious Chapter.

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    Receive periodic updates on our philanthropic endeavors
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Essential Tier

For members, family, and friends who wish to serve as pillars for the endeavors of the undergraduate chapter.

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    Receive scheduled updates on our philanthropic endeavors
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    Fully registered lines receive recognition at formal Zeta Zeta Events
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Zeta Zeta Plus

An exclusive tier just for the brothers of Zeta Zeta.

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    All benefits of the Essential tier
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    Homecoming Fee 2022 Waived*
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    55th Anniversary Fee Waived (2023 & 2028)*
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    Access to exclusive benefits at select events

* See bottom of page for additional details.

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If you have additional questions, please first check out the frequently asked questions page before reaching out to us. We're always looking for leaders and volunteers from the chapter to help us grow!